A Biography on Chiquis Rivera – Career, Interesting Facts, Net Worth, and a Lot More!

Chiquis Rivera, a talent with beautiful prominent features, is our today’s mantra. It is bliss when a person shows his or her talent. Entertainers have already reached that destination Whether it is singing, dancing or acting, the skill set in showbiz is always beneficial for others.

Many want to be a part of this field so they can be heard and appreciated. Some of them are lucky while others are either lead a distressed life or change careers.

The person we are going to discuss today, Chiquis Rivera, is a successful part of the limelight.

We will ponder on her profile including Chiquis Rivera age, family, and also bits from her professional life. The UK Time has also collected some fascinating facts for Chiquis’s fandom. 

Chiquis Rivera’s Profile Summary

Who Is Chiquis Rivera?

Chiquis Rivera is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. She is an American singer, who has been performing stunningly for years. 

What Is Her Real Name?

Janney Marin Rivera is her real name.

Where Was She Born?

She was born in Los Angeles, United States of America.

How Old Is Chiquis Rivera?

Her birthdate is 26th of June, 1985, which concludes Chiquis Rivera’s age as 36 according to calculations till February 2022.

What Other Names Chiquis Rivera Is Famous for?

Chiquis Rivera’s Wikipedia has illustrated some alternative names, other than her real name. Such as Janine, La Necia, and La Princesa de la Banda.

What Is the Name of Her Mother?

Her mother is Jenni Rivera, who is also an American singer as well as a songwriter. Unfortunately, she died on the 9th of December, 2012 in Mexico.

Jenni, also known as Dolores Janney Jenni Rivera Saavedra, was born on the 2nd of July, 1969 in Long Beach. She married multiple times and her husbands were Esteban Loaiza, Juan Lopez, and Jose Trinidad Marin. Also, she has 5 children. 

Reportedly, Chiquis Rivera’s relationship with her mom was a bit unpleasant. The daughter circuitously recalled her mother blocking her on social media accounts as well as her will. There was also a huge dispute surrounding their love lives weeks before Jenni’s death.

Her mother died in a plane crash.

Who Is Chiquis Rivera’s Dad?

Jose Trinidad Marin is a father of 2 other kids. Jose was her first husband, and they divorced in 1992.

Chiquis Rivera’s dad was born on the 15th of February, 1964, and retains an American nationality. Moreover, he stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall. According to Studentfull.com, Jose’s net worth is nearly 600,000 to 800,000 US dollars. 

Jose Trinidad is accused of taking his sister-in-law to the dungeon because he was harassing two of his children. He was sentenced to 31 years in the year 2007.

There was a rumor that was spread in his office about him having bad relationships with his coworkers. His rumors of attacking his coworkers turned out to be true. Further investigation showed that he mistreated his wife as well.

What Is Her Race or Ethnicity?

“She’s a Hispanic or race.”

What Nationalities Does She Have?

She has American nationality.

Does She Have Any Siblings?

She has 4 siblings, all of them named Michael Marin. The children of Juan and Jose are Johnny, Jenicka, and Michael.

What Religion Does She Follow?

She visits Church frequently with her family.

Is Chiquis Rivera Married?

There are reports of Chiquis Rivera’s wedding to Lorenzo E. Mendez, however, they divorced in 2020 within a year. Chiquis was not supporting her husband’s solo career. She feared him returning to alcohol and drug addictions. 

Lorenzo’s full name is Lorenzo E. Mendes Ronquillo, who is Mexican and a well-known composer as well as a singer. He was born on the 15th of December, 1986, making him of the same age as his ex-wife. His birthplace though is Pittsburg, California, USA.

Lorenzo has a net worth of between 1 million and 5 million dollars and loves his two kids. You can find his location on several websites. He was previously married to a woman.

How Many Children She Has?

“She doesn’t have any children.”

Who Is Chiquis Rivera’s Boyfriend?

There is no official confirmation of his name yet. He is a photographer and is well known for his work with celebrities.

Where Is Chiquis Rivera’s House?

Her new place of residence is in Northridge. It has a value of 3 million dollars and has 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, and other luxuries.

Chiquis Rivera’s Professional RegimeWhen Did Chiquis Rivera’s Career Start?

Since 2010 she has been active.

What Are Her Occupations?

She is also an actress, author, entrepreneur, and television personality.

What Is Chiquis Rivera’s Music Style?

Regional Mexican and Latin Pop are her genres.

What Are Chiquis Rivera’s Movies and TV Series or Appearances?

“There are a number of credits in her filmography. The View, Chiquis n’ Control, and The Riveras are examples. Ahora, Playlist, and Entre Botellas are all included in her discography.”

What Awards and Nominations Are She Blessed with?

Her music has won many awards. She was nominated for a Latin music award in 2015. The female was the Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year. She was nominated three times in a single year.

The categories were My Favorite Video, the best artist using social media, and the catchiest tune. Paloma Blanca was one of the nominated works.

She received two nominations at the Latin American Music Awards. They were based on new artist and favorite female artist.

Her album was nominated for the Best Banda Album in the LatinGrammy Awards. She was nominated for Regional Mexican: Female Artist of the Year in 2015.

She received two Lo Nuestro Awards. One was for Regional Mexican: Female Artist of the Year while the other was for Female Artist of the Year.

She won the Female Artist of the Year award in both of the previous years. She was nominated for the Fan Club of the Year in the Tu Mundo Awards.

What Are Chiquis Rivera’s Songs in Ahora Album?

Paloma Blanca (Vuela Libre), Suenalo, Aprovechame, Esa No Soy Yo, Ahora, Paloma Negra,CPR, and I are included.

What Are Her Songs in Entre Botellas Album?

Los Chismes, Cuanto Te Debo, Los Chismes Extras, Los Chismes Extras, Los Chismes Extras, Los Chismes Extras, Los Chismes Extras, Los Chismes Extras, Los Chismes Extra

Which Songs Are There in Her Playlist Album?

Animate Y Veras, Gracias por Tu Participacion, Jolene, Ticket De salida, Las Destrampadas, Con La Misma Bala, and Y

What Is Chiquis Rivera Net Worth?

According to Celebritynetworth.com, Chiquis Rivera net worth is 3 million dollars.

What Are Chiquis Rivera’s Body Measurements?

The following details on Chiquis Rivera’s height, weight, etc.,

Parameters Measurements/Features
Height 5 feet 5.5 inches or 1.66 meters
Weight 58 kg or 128 lbs
Shoe Size 8 US
Dress Size 8 US
Waist Size 26 inches or 66 cm
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green

Is Chiquis Rivera on Social Media?

Yes, Chiquis Rivera’s Twitter and Instagram are names of few she is active on. Moreover, you can find her music on YouTube and Deezer. The latter is a music streaming application that entails millions of worldwide tracks and audios.

Chiquis Rivera Instagram is adorned with her striking photos, signifying her makeup and fashion. She has demonstrated products for skin care as well on social media. Furthermore, she has showcased wearing a Mystique superhero costume. 

She posts clips from her work on a variety of platforms. She has expressed her love for her mother with photos and meaningful caption. If you are wondering about the status of colleagues and friends, then her social presence is worth watching.

Interesting Facts about Chiquis Rivera

  • She is the oldest of all her siblings.
  • “There are rumors on the internet that she’s pregnant.”
  • She is religious and has mentioned specifics about her religious routine. Young Chiquis Rivera attended her grandmother’s Church, which was pretty, full of stones. She treasured sitting with her elders in the sanctuary instead of the children’s church.
  • “She froze her eggs when she was 33. She doesn’t think she’s ready to become a mother. The time she gave to her younger brother is explicit. At the time of his brother’s birth, she was just 15 years old, and her mother had to go to work.”
  • Chiquis Rivera and Becky G are longtime friends.
  • Paloma Blanca was dedicated to her late mother by the singer. White Dove is the name of Paloma Blanca in English.
  • Her mom was in high school when she was born.
  • At the age of 43, her mother died. The person died while coming back from a concert. There was a plane that was going to Toluca. The flight departed at 3:20 local time. The ruins were located near Iturbide.
  • Chiquis Rivera’s ex-husband proposed to her on a white horse with a beautiful big diamond ring. 
  • She and her current boyfriend were discovered on LaLengua.
  • Chiquis was kicked out of the house by her mother because she went out with friends without telling her.
  • Chiquis Rivera revealed the meaning of her album Ahora, formerly. She mentioned that it was all about appreciating the present time and relishing it. She further elaborated that her life has a jiff of everything and she loves all sorts of music. Therefore, she wanted to give this gift to the people. 

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