Need Help With Nursing Assignment Critique Paper Assignment Multiple Choice Questions

Research Article Critique Part TwoOccuaptional Stressors Stress Perception Levels and Coping Styles of Medical Surgical RNs A Gernalized PerscpectiveWakim 2014Your assigned article for critique isWakim N 2014 Occupationalstressors stress perception levels and coping styles of medical surgicalRNsJournal of Nursing Administration 4412 632639doi101097NNA0000000000000140Instructions A major skill that is learned in this course is how to critically read and critique nursing research articles The purpose for critiquing an article is to critically evaluate the research process followed by the authors of the assigned article This is an informationintensive timeintensive process that is not learned overnight To demonstrate your skill at critiquing an article you will complete this openbook…